Monitor to know, prevent and treat


The inevitable action of time and prolonged use of structures and infrastructure lead to a physiological reduction in the performance characteristics of the work. In the face of such decay, depending on the extent of the alteration, it is necessary to assess, following a cost-benefit ratio, what the optimal intervention strategy is. This can range from a total redo of the work or a safety upgrade or, again, to a series of broad- or more specific-spectrum maintenance actions. Nowadays, the line that tends to be taken is that of careful preventive action and restoration of the built environment. The series of preventive actions can be encapsulated in a single word: maintenance. This, in order to be performed efficiently and functionally, requires proper diagnostic and investigative activity, which can also be summarized in a single word: monitor. Monitor to know, prevent, and treat. In infrastructure, but especially in roads and even more so in road pavements, monitoring activities enable accurate screening. This is necessary for an optimal intervention strategy in order to preserve the characteristics of the mantle. The first stage of proper maintenance work is based on supervisory action. At Edilpavimentazioni this is made possible with ViatestRPS – Road Profile Scanner – the road monitoring profiler, made by Viatek.