Since 2008, Viatek has been manufacturing professional road maintenance products


Viatest RPS

Viatest RPS is a rental road condition monitoring vehicle that acquires geometrical data on and characteristics of the road surface in an automated manner. This is a high-performance measurement system.

In fact, it is a measuring vehicle that surveys the road surface to determine its general condition and any irregularities. The vehicle can be used both in urban and extra-urban areas without the need for specialised personnel.

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Sealing Set PRO and Set EVO

Sealing Set Pro and Sealing Set Evo are self-propelled two-component cold sealers used for sealing road cracks. The small size of the machinery allows for a minimum encumbrance on the roadway where the sealing takes place.

Cutters and Sweepers

  • Hot rental with cold milling machine operator, with 1 meter, 1.5 meter, 1.8 meter and 2 meter drum;
  • Street sweeper rental with operator, from 6 to 8 cubic meters;
  • Freight transport service with platform, from 44 to 56 tons, on the national territory.


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